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Lady Liberty

Short Film / September 2020 / Trailer

A man believes if he springs his wife from the Alzheimer's care facility she's in and takes her to the Women's March On Washington, her memory will return and she can come home to him.

Scripts & Screenplays



Dramedy Series

Sugar, tells the story of Kat O’Connor, an English professor, who after the unexpected death of her husband, returns home to New York, broke and disillusioned, only to discover her family is also broke and disillusioned. Out of moves, she trades in grading papers for dating sugar daddies.

Super Sam’s Garage Band

Animated Series for Children

Super Sam's Garage Band is a super natural comedy about nine-year-old Sam and her all girl garage band. As Sam learns to cope with the loss of her mother, her mother—in the afterlife—discovers she can communicate with Sam and her friends, helping them navigate the zany adventures in which they find themselves.

The Dubs

Comedy Series

The Dubs is story about an out of work soap opera actress, who after the death of her crime boss father, moves to a retirement community to live with her mother only to discover that her mother wants her to take over the family crime business.


The Best Man

Romantic Comedy

The Best Man is a story about a woman, who agrees to carry out her dead husband's dying wish: to drive in an RV with his ashes and his brother, her ex-boyfriend, to the ex's wedding only to discover that she’s still in love with the brother.

Like Rain

A woman is comforted by a nosy neighbor after her mother's death.

Web Series

The Shamona Show

The Shamona Show is a story about a southern belle who moved to New York at the start of the pandemic to become a star only to discover that her audience is her Alexa device.