Lady Liberty

short film September 2020 Website

A man believes if he springs his wife from the Alzheimer's care facility she's in and takes her to the Women's March On Washington, her memory will return and she can come home to him.




After the unexpected death of her husband, a woman in her late forties, returns home to New York, broke and disillusioned, only to find her family is also broke and disillusioned. An English professor out of moves, she trades in grading papers for dating sugar daddies.

Super Sam’s Garage Band


After the death of her mother, nine-year-old Sam struggles to deal with the loss. With the help of her Garage Band friends and her mother who is watching over her, Sam learns her mother is always with her.

The Dubs

After the death of her Irish mobster father, Samantha ‘Sam’ McCullough, a famous soap opera actor leaves New York City, and moves to a retirement community to live with her mother and reluctantly takes over the family crime business.


The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People tells the story of three pregnant women, who go to a Planned Parenthood Clinic on the same day, the only place that feels safe to them as they decide whether or not to keep their unborn child.


Like Rain

A woman is comforted by a nosy neighbor after her mother's death.

The Best Man

A woman agrees to fulfill her dead husband’s dying wish: He wants to be the best man at his brother’s wedding, a guy she dated. So she drives from New York to Cape Cod with her husband’s ashes and the brother only to discover she’s still oddly attracted to him.