Lady Liberty

short film February 2019 Website

A man believes if he springs his wife from the Alzheimer's care facility that she's in and takes her to the Women's March On Washington, her memory will return and she can come home to him.



The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People delves into the lives of three pregnant women waiting to be seen at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in New York City. As they share their stories, breaking the silence that surrounds a woman’s right to choose, they tell the truth about their lives and their choices.

The RV

Two sisters take a cross country trip from New York to the Grand Canyon to spread their mother’s ashes.


Texas Hold'em

When a woman’s mother dies in the apartment, the neighbors come over and play Texas Hold’em while they wait for the funeral director to arrive.



When a prodigal daughter returns home, she turns to dating sugar daddies to help her family in financial straits.


After a woman breaks up with her married boyfriend who pays the rent, she finds two unlikely roommates to live with her.

Web series


After her divorce, a woman gives up on love. However, her Greek Chorus inspired by Shonda Rimes, convince her to spend a year saying yes to love.